Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Almost Free

I asked, you denied,
I asked again, you began to see.

You wanted to hold on tighter.
To try to be what you can not.

Don't hold me back.
I need to spread my wings.

You unlocked the cage,
I tentively stepped out.

"If you love something,
set it free...."

Don't hold your breathe,
I am not coming back.

Please understand...
Know where my heart lies.

Written by Bardouble29

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


i hear the universe ~
softly and steadily
she breathes
into my soul.
softly ~
like the glistening petals
of a rain-drenched flower.
steadily ~
like the unceasing energy
of the rich torrents
that cascade
from the heavens.
i feel the universe ~
she infuses me,
soaking me ~
like the heavens
the deep, red earth.

~written by

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

Saturday night begat Sunday fire,
the morning bloodroses in the clouds
each one the chariot of an angry pagan god
chased out by one true passion.

This sunrise is only a decoration
unlike the one before
which may have meant life or death
--we've all woke up dead
in time for the fire to burn
it's mark of one more day alive.

this one sunrise is for your eyes only,
enchanted and drunken as they are
by love's
shot glass whiskey barfloor dance.

The sun sets us to burn.

The floors are on fire--
we are drunken well-wishers
casting pennies into darkness

you threw them for luck--

I threw them
for one endless weekend

Sundayrise tells us to try again
very soon

Written By Eric Bachman

Monday, July 30, 2007

golden apple

his soul sings silently,
in gauzy and golden light
my heart impales itself
on this melody
my soul cleaves
to his lyrical luminescence

his great, flowing essence
quenches my thirst ~
this scorching yen
that scars
of successive past lives
have woven
into my very essence

he washes me
away from myself
leaving me bare,
somewhat macerated and bare
exposed ~
for all my frailties and wounds
... he sees ... he knows ...
he hears the whispers of the universe, too

that sacred light
of his core
flickers softly,
and with each flash,
he carves
another spark
into my weak, low-burning ember

in the glow of his mantle
his innocent generosity cascades
scented with divine wisdom
the beauty of him
touches that raw, pulsing
and forbidden corner of my heart
which eats fire

cherished ~
the grace of his movements ~
cherished ~
the gentle contemplation
of his speech
cherished ~
my golden apple

Thursday, July 26, 2007

velvet rapture

against skin
surge, electrifying - i,
a vessel, felt him
inside me
throbbing, engorged
he filled my cavern
with his sweet, milky essence
holding my breath --
waiting to exhale
... rapture ...
folded into
slow, softly dancing
and infinitesmal
beadlets of sweat
panting. breathless. silent -
two glowing orbs
of glistening pulp
from the barbs
of delicate carmine kisses

~written by

Monday, July 23, 2007


Past the dwindling twilight thread;
Flesh rose-tones and a hint of petculli
the only things that matter
are in very good hands,
or are covered by darkness
from the rest

Some find it easy to fly
by day, but some only sore
at night when the stars talk
about ancient stories still
lived out on the earth today;
Hydras and Dragons, the dogs run
Hunter and the Queen
impossibly meet because
at night they are alive,
above and below the stares

Nightbirds sing to bring the dawn back
We sing for the same reasons
Nightbirds fly seeking the safety of shadow
But we fly for the same reasons we sing,
shadows being only another layer
to shed, stories that peel away
cast on the floor,
like the anticipation of each new sunrise
an event foreshadowed
by so many love songs
heard whispered in the dark

Written by Eric Bachman

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Flight of a Soul

hidden -
in the shadows,
where the heavens meet the earth
where dawn touches dusk
where the sea embraces itself

hidden -
in the faded, distant memories
locked away ... inside
my frail and tattered soul
why have you gone?
i cannot see you -
i cannot feel you
here, alone
in the deepest stalk of darkness
i waiver, without you
why have you gone?
i thirst for you,
why have you gone?
you have left me
shredded and torn -
an empty desiccated shell

hidden -
in the loneliest
cavern of darkness,
a miniscule and frail
shard of light
i shall find it
in the deepest stalk of darkness

Written by

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I dreamed you were my private flower,
close to my breast, you knew
my heartbeat, my thoughts, my sins.
You forgave me everything with your
delicious spice that enfolded me in the
greatest love I have ever known.

Flowers forget the end to eternity;
they breathe life into stale air.
You breathed into me; your inhalation wove its
way into endless weeds that clouded my mind,
making me clear and whole again.
How can I not love you for that?

Yes, I do. But the truth of love lies only
in flower beds, tended like children. My love grew wild;
more weeds clutter us. Now I know that
fragrance is transitory, like love you share that
later wilts in the winds of winter that says the end.

Written by Cruel Virgin

Monday, July 9, 2007

Michaels House

It’s good and solid,
built of fresh scented wood with tough brick—
all multicolored—warm to the touch like a glass of mulled wine.
He cries: “Michael’s house!” every time we enter.
But it’s nobody’s house.
No one lives there.
They come and go, a way-station for the severed.

I think of the hospital, cool and bright,
forced smiles, nurses waving bye-bye,
off to half-way houses, group homes.
Michael doesn’t want to live there.
His eyes beg me: “Let me heal!”

The doctor says no.

Do you feel the shivery wind
blowing through the empty house
like the silent breath of the bleeding Lord?

Written by Cruel Virgin

Thursday, June 28, 2007


To many thoughts...

To many lonely night

To many hurts...

Alcohol loosens the tongue.

Words get spoken,

that would normally not.

Another heart hurt.

The words are an arrow.

The truth pierces.

Tears course down....

Seeking, searching...

Will I ever find...

the light I seek,

the soul to share....

Written by Barbara Osborn

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This rain, it’s always here,
Bulging dirty clouds,
spewing ashen drops,
A muddy volcano, erupting despair.
Where are you now?
Nature covers us, her filth; some call it grief.
Not me—sad fate that rains and rains and rains.
Even the angels cry; translucent tears can’t wash me away.
God, do you weep or laugh?
The joke is on me—he left me here.
Grubby rainwater covers the rainbow,
Leading to the other side—his home.
And you said I would be the first to go…

Written By Cruel Virgin

Thursday, June 21, 2007


You cage me.
Your words are the bars.
Your tears are the lock.

Let go.
Let me fly.
Free my soul.

I have tried the cage.
My soul doesn't belong.
The walls close in.

Can't breathe.
Can't laugh.
Can't move.

Give me back my Wings.

Written By Barbara Osborn

Under Tree Shade

...did clink
that back door
out toward the walnut treeshade
running to the tire swing
swung so low I filled heaven
in a mugfull of your soul
and drank until
the day came
to tulips in rain
till that swing swung
only to winter's breeze
blowing our summer to clouds
the storm and the years
dropped by like the hard fruit
of the tree that we owned
Like that, you were gone
the summer gone
house gone
the tire's gone
the tree's cut
and a lazy red new house
sits splayed for it's new owners
young drinkers of tulip rain
and honey
but no old tire
no swing shade
no summer with grace
no time, no trust or season
to let go of the door
to run
to let go weak reason

Written By Eric Bachman

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Changing Silence

The world is a beautiful place.
do document the changes
the patterns, moods
flavors and smells
the atmosphere
provided by

But it hurts
in the morning
if you would know

At least
the stars say this secret—
for she is silent as we speak

Written By Eric Bachman

Monday, June 18, 2007


I rid myself of his sturdy mouth,
So warm and salty,
Dripping down into my throat.
When I saw his eyes,
I saw dull rainbows,
Glistening with grey sand.
They speak so quietly as
he raised his lips again
to greet me.
I had to turn away.
No longer a mouth,
Just a chasm, gaping open,
Ready to swallow me whole
And steal all my dreams
Down into his belly
Where all his wild things go.

Written By Cruel Virgin

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Nothing but words
Falling from your mouth
Lying to me again and again
Telling me I'm beautiful and
I'll always be yours.

Nothing but words
Meaningless without emotion
Forming scars on my soul
Twisting my heart
Till I can't breathe anymore.

Nothing but words
Left in my head
Going round and round
Till I think I'll
Be dead.

Nothing but words
You left me with
Nothing but words.....

Written by Karmalennon

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


There is no explanation.
No words can describe.

The void.
The hurt.

Left feeling empty,
filling it with wrongs.

Seeking out,
only brings pain.

Scary thoughts flit.
Could be so easy.

Drown out the pain,
crush out the lonliness.

There is no simple answer.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Catch Me

Wrap me in your arms,
let me soak up the warmth.

Your shirt catches,
the tears coursing down.

Your quietness understands
the storm raging in me.

I seek strength,
but feel weak.

I scream into the night,
but the wind catches it.

Hold me now,
be my strength.
Let me scream.
Understand my soul.
Catch me as I fall.

Written by Barbara Osborn 05/25/07

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not Really Gone

You were there
like a beacon of light.
Shining in the dark
a corner of sunshine.

Like a drop of water,
your thoughts made
ripples throughout.

You touched, more lives,
than you can imagine.

Your love and laughter
encouraged and lifted.

You left us so suddenly,
there was no time.

I found myself searching,
Looking to see if it was a joke.

There was no joke.
So many tears shed.

You left a legacy that
keeps giving and giving.

I am blessed to have shared
some moments, some tears.

I know you watch over us all.

We love and miss you.

Never goodbye, just until later.

In Loving Memory of Baron Ectar.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Angel Of Mercy

Sweet, you make me forget.
Angel of mercy
Take my pain
And hide it far, far away.
Sink into oblivion.
Angel, wrap your hazy arms
Around me.
A moment of pleasure
For a lifetime of pain.
Make me forget
With your sweet love,
Sweet ecstasy
I have with you.
Make me forget
My Angel of Mercy.

Written By Karmalennon

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Broken heart
Bleeding skin
Everywhere I turn
I only sin.
You don't want to love me
And I understand
But all that I want
Is for everything to end.
Empty words
Lonely soul
Are you happy now
That I'm alone?
Leave me now
To my death
Remember one day I said your name
With my dying breath.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cold, lost, scared
A bottle of beer
Was waiting for you
But you weren't there.
So I kept drinking
To make it go awayT
he cold hard truth
You didn't care enough to stay.
More and more to drink
And that led to hate
By the time you finally came around
It was much too late.
Rivers of blood
Against pale white skin
Was it true what they say-
That I committed a sin?
When you finally arrived
Was when they took me away
And by that time
There was nothing left to say.
It did kind of make you wish you had stayed.

Monday, March 19, 2007


I’ve been wearing my tears
On my face
Like a shining


It always starts as irritation
And then it explodes
Sharp with spikes
Shredding through the center of me
It contracts to the point where I am tightly compacted
A singularity
To which all outside stimulus
Causes further collapse.


How much of life
Is simply perception?
The sightssoundssmellstastestouchesemotions
Distilled to the

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Cannot Give You.

You are alone,
your tears fall.
Unheeded you scream
into the wind.
You rail against
what life has handed out.
I listen and
I reach out.
You push me away.
You are grasping,
for something to hold.
I offer my hand,
and you slap at it.

You want comfort,
you want answers.
These are questions,
I have no answer for.
You want to know,
where I stand,
on your concerns.
I stand here!

You question,
you accuse.
You demand,
you require.
I have nothing,
absolutely nothing
left to give.

There is no comfort to give,
there is not answer to satisfy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

'these bones'

Snapping,cracking, popping
Carrying,holding & dropping
jagged, sharp & pointed
these bones have been appointed
Pins & neddles for fingertips
A spatula-like shovel for the hips
Legs look like a ball & chain
A back hunched up, sometimes in pain
Elbows that threaten to maim & mar
Some... once broken, bare no scar
Ribs rippled like a stone-skipped pond
an eggshell casing has been conned
Into covering a mind with it's bone
And, protecting this little heart of stone

:) Skinnylittleblonde

Monday, March 5, 2007

Simple Pleasures

I close my eyes,

feel the breeze.

I stand motionless,

things I can hear,

leaves rustling,

song of the sparrow,

childs laughter.

All sounds,

that bring joy,



Simple pleasures.
Written By Barbara Osborn 3/5/07

Monday, February 26, 2007

I see you!

They are in constant motion,
even when I rest.
They dance about,
and sparkle with delight.
They can say come hither,
and go to hell with barely a glance
With them you can read my moods,
happy, snarly, horny or tired.
They can be green, hazel or brown,
or change to match my mood!
I get my own set of glasses,
to sport of various hues.

Smile, because my eyes,
see all that you do!

Written by Barbara Osborn 2/26/07
Written for the challenge to use a body part

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Your gaze catches my eye,
I see that special look.
You gently touch my skin,
run your fingers through my hair.
Your strong arms encircle me.
With my head on your chest,
I could feel your heart beat quicken
I can feel your desire rise,
as you bend,
brushing your lips against mine.

Written by Barbara Osborn 2/25/07

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I wish

I wish there was someone,
who I could talk to
someone to pour my heart out to.
Someone who understands,
someone who has been there.
The tears coarse down,
leaving trails of hot and bitter.
I feel trapped,
no way out.
I want freedom,
I want to breathe.
My head reels,
my heart screams.
There is so much anger,
so much pain.


The tongue, an organ
of both pleasure and pain
Words like a sword,
slash and stab.
They render the soul,
empty and hallow.
They wound deeply,
causing great sorrow.
Flippant and casual,
words thrown into the air.
No heed taken
for the person broken.


The death of rationality within my head
But really it's just you that has become dead
With your death, Satan sings
For you, my dear, give him wings
And he will feel so bloody well
when you join him in the bowels of hell
You laughed at me, you thought it was fun
Touching my temple with your cold gun
Loving the desperation you thought you'd found
My screams only echoed some faint sound
You thought you'd always have my backside
convinced that I could never hide
No need to hide, that's my revelation
You seem to suffer from a spiritual castration
And soon you'll see yourself with true fears
Maybe even blood on top of your tears
Like a pedaphile in prison, you will get your turn
In Hell & on Earth, your soul will burn
Into the fire, your spirit will be toseed
But for you, my dear, all is not lost
Satan needs wings & they are built upon pain
So the moment you die, you may feel sane
Free for the moment of all your violent things
and merely left as a feather in satans' wings.

Written by Paige


I woke up with a dream this morning
dreams only come once or twice in a lifetime
what am I going to do with this dream

you saved me and I never said thank you
I'm sorry for that
I just never realized
you gave me everything

last time my dream died so did part of my soul
the thing is I never saw it coming
your love for me kept me going
my love for you fuels the fantasy that was once reality and has now become the dream
She stood her ground when I didn't deserve it
her love woke me up from the fantasy
my love for her grows stronger every day
She's amazing

I fantasize
I dream
and I love you
this- is the story of my life

Written by Captain Corky

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lonely Eyes

Gazing across,
his eyes downcast.
His shoulders slump.
He glances up,
I see the pain.
There sarrow abides.
His eyes of blue,
speak volumes he cannot.
A brief moment,
it tears at my heart.

Barbara Osborn 2/20/07

Midnight in the Middle of Day

The empty cold enfolds all around you,
you feel ensnared by its ugly claws.
In desperation, you search for escape,
an escape from loneliness,
instead it draws you deeper,
deeper into the gaping void of despair.
You grasp wildly at anything for hope,
but in the moat of despair, nothing floats.
In time, you have no faith left.
As the tide wains, so does strength,
the strength of character ebbs away.
Life's pain crashes down 'round you.
You search for shelter,
a hiding place from life.
There is no place to hide, no shelter.
Waves of pain crash down,
over your drowning soul.
All hope is given up.
You're caught in the shadows,
the shadows of loneliness.

Written by Barbara Osborn 1993

Unbearable Reality

Single, salty tear creeps down,
leaving behind a wet trail.
Hot and bitter,
emotions erupt.
Fires of anger, drowned by fears.
Pain fills the slaughtered soul.
Billows of coldness surround.
Time can't heal the memories.
Hand of pain,
strikes again.
Invisible, unbearable scars.
Thoughts of intense agony.
Pleas that fall upon ears of the silent.
Detachment of mind eases the pain,
but only for a time.
Walls built up, only to be torn down.
Protection can not be found.
Darkness encloses.
Images swirl,
blur of the day.
Eyes grow heavy,
slumber encompasses.
Struggles begin once again.
Cold sweat,
gasping for air.
Only a dream,
but reality holds its context.

Written by Barbara Osborn 1993

The Stillness

She sits, a lone figure in the miles of sand.
Rising she follows along the waters edge.
Bending she scoops up some sand,
and watches as the sand disperses in the wind.
Waves silently crawl to tickle her toes.
Soft lips of the breeze caress her cheeks.
She breathes in salt air and smiles.
Branches of a nearby tree conduct the song.
She closes her eyes, and listens to the chorus of silence.

Written by Barbara Osborn 2/17/07