Wednesday, May 30, 2007


There is no explanation.
No words can describe.

The void.
The hurt.

Left feeling empty,
filling it with wrongs.

Seeking out,
only brings pain.

Scary thoughts flit.
Could be so easy.

Drown out the pain,
crush out the lonliness.

There is no simple answer.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Catch Me

Wrap me in your arms,
let me soak up the warmth.

Your shirt catches,
the tears coursing down.

Your quietness understands
the storm raging in me.

I seek strength,
but feel weak.

I scream into the night,
but the wind catches it.

Hold me now,
be my strength.
Let me scream.
Understand my soul.
Catch me as I fall.

Written by Barbara Osborn 05/25/07

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not Really Gone

You were there
like a beacon of light.
Shining in the dark
a corner of sunshine.

Like a drop of water,
your thoughts made
ripples throughout.

You touched, more lives,
than you can imagine.

Your love and laughter
encouraged and lifted.

You left us so suddenly,
there was no time.

I found myself searching,
Looking to see if it was a joke.

There was no joke.
So many tears shed.

You left a legacy that
keeps giving and giving.

I am blessed to have shared
some moments, some tears.

I know you watch over us all.

We love and miss you.

Never goodbye, just until later.

In Loving Memory of Baron Ectar.