Monday, February 26, 2007

I see you!

They are in constant motion,
even when I rest.
They dance about,
and sparkle with delight.
They can say come hither,
and go to hell with barely a glance
With them you can read my moods,
happy, snarly, horny or tired.
They can be green, hazel or brown,
or change to match my mood!
I get my own set of glasses,
to sport of various hues.

Smile, because my eyes,
see all that you do!

Written by Barbara Osborn 2/26/07
Written for the challenge to use a body part

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Your gaze catches my eye,
I see that special look.
You gently touch my skin,
run your fingers through my hair.
Your strong arms encircle me.
With my head on your chest,
I could feel your heart beat quicken
I can feel your desire rise,
as you bend,
brushing your lips against mine.

Written by Barbara Osborn 2/25/07

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I wish

I wish there was someone,
who I could talk to
someone to pour my heart out to.
Someone who understands,
someone who has been there.
The tears coarse down,
leaving trails of hot and bitter.
I feel trapped,
no way out.
I want freedom,
I want to breathe.
My head reels,
my heart screams.
There is so much anger,
so much pain.


The tongue, an organ
of both pleasure and pain
Words like a sword,
slash and stab.
They render the soul,
empty and hallow.
They wound deeply,
causing great sorrow.
Flippant and casual,
words thrown into the air.
No heed taken
for the person broken.


The death of rationality within my head
But really it's just you that has become dead
With your death, Satan sings
For you, my dear, give him wings
And he will feel so bloody well
when you join him in the bowels of hell
You laughed at me, you thought it was fun
Touching my temple with your cold gun
Loving the desperation you thought you'd found
My screams only echoed some faint sound
You thought you'd always have my backside
convinced that I could never hide
No need to hide, that's my revelation
You seem to suffer from a spiritual castration
And soon you'll see yourself with true fears
Maybe even blood on top of your tears
Like a pedaphile in prison, you will get your turn
In Hell & on Earth, your soul will burn
Into the fire, your spirit will be toseed
But for you, my dear, all is not lost
Satan needs wings & they are built upon pain
So the moment you die, you may feel sane
Free for the moment of all your violent things
and merely left as a feather in satans' wings.

Written by Paige


I woke up with a dream this morning
dreams only come once or twice in a lifetime
what am I going to do with this dream

you saved me and I never said thank you
I'm sorry for that
I just never realized
you gave me everything

last time my dream died so did part of my soul
the thing is I never saw it coming
your love for me kept me going
my love for you fuels the fantasy that was once reality and has now become the dream
She stood her ground when I didn't deserve it
her love woke me up from the fantasy
my love for her grows stronger every day
She's amazing

I fantasize
I dream
and I love you
this- is the story of my life

Written by Captain Corky

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lonely Eyes

Gazing across,
his eyes downcast.
His shoulders slump.
He glances up,
I see the pain.
There sarrow abides.
His eyes of blue,
speak volumes he cannot.
A brief moment,
it tears at my heart.

Barbara Osborn 2/20/07

Midnight in the Middle of Day

The empty cold enfolds all around you,
you feel ensnared by its ugly claws.
In desperation, you search for escape,
an escape from loneliness,
instead it draws you deeper,
deeper into the gaping void of despair.
You grasp wildly at anything for hope,
but in the moat of despair, nothing floats.
In time, you have no faith left.
As the tide wains, so does strength,
the strength of character ebbs away.
Life's pain crashes down 'round you.
You search for shelter,
a hiding place from life.
There is no place to hide, no shelter.
Waves of pain crash down,
over your drowning soul.
All hope is given up.
You're caught in the shadows,
the shadows of loneliness.

Written by Barbara Osborn 1993

Unbearable Reality

Single, salty tear creeps down,
leaving behind a wet trail.
Hot and bitter,
emotions erupt.
Fires of anger, drowned by fears.
Pain fills the slaughtered soul.
Billows of coldness surround.
Time can't heal the memories.
Hand of pain,
strikes again.
Invisible, unbearable scars.
Thoughts of intense agony.
Pleas that fall upon ears of the silent.
Detachment of mind eases the pain,
but only for a time.
Walls built up, only to be torn down.
Protection can not be found.
Darkness encloses.
Images swirl,
blur of the day.
Eyes grow heavy,
slumber encompasses.
Struggles begin once again.
Cold sweat,
gasping for air.
Only a dream,
but reality holds its context.

Written by Barbara Osborn 1993

The Stillness

She sits, a lone figure in the miles of sand.
Rising she follows along the waters edge.
Bending she scoops up some sand,
and watches as the sand disperses in the wind.
Waves silently crawl to tickle her toes.
Soft lips of the breeze caress her cheeks.
She breathes in salt air and smiles.
Branches of a nearby tree conduct the song.
She closes her eyes, and listens to the chorus of silence.

Written by Barbara Osborn 2/17/07