Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

Saturday night begat Sunday fire,
the morning bloodroses in the clouds
each one the chariot of an angry pagan god
chased out by one true passion.

This sunrise is only a decoration
unlike the one before
which may have meant life or death
--we've all woke up dead
in time for the fire to burn
it's mark of one more day alive.

this one sunrise is for your eyes only,
enchanted and drunken as they are
by love's
shot glass whiskey barfloor dance.

The sun sets us to burn.

The floors are on fire--
we are drunken well-wishers
casting pennies into darkness

you threw them for luck--

I threw them
for one endless weekend

Sundayrise tells us to try again
very soon

Written By Eric Bachman


karma lennon said...

I like this. Once again with the extreme visuals! I just keep picturing a landscape awash in golden fiery red orange glow.

the.red.mantissa said...

"The floors are on fire--
we are drunken well-wishers
casting pennies into darkness"

love the visual imagery of this one ... and the way you've juxtaposed the notion of the wishing well with fiery imagery.

i can see those clouds ... "bloodroses ..." love that!

Sandy said...

Wow its almost like a beautiful story expressed in poetic flow. The various personification that u have used for sunrise is beautiful.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow, Eric--what a metaphor! Is it me or does your poetry just get richer per output!

eric313 said...


Thank you for reading this one. It does mean a lot. The metaphor was born of simplicity--I was just going to wish Barb well for the night, and in writing the first sentence I noticed it was coming out as a poem and the metaphor would be perfect (accidents and serendipity produce the best metaphors), so I went with it. Creation is a very spontaneous thing like that, at least for me it is.

Thank you all for your reading of this one. You are great, and it's nice to kick back and read as you all are flowering into a poetic renaissance, as well.