Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Almost Free

I asked, you denied,
I asked again, you began to see.

You wanted to hold on tighter.
To try to be what you can not.

Don't hold me back.
I need to spread my wings.

You unlocked the cage,
I tentively stepped out.

"If you love something,
set it free...."

Don't hold your breathe,
I am not coming back.

Please understand...
Know where my heart lies.

Written by Bardouble29


eric313 said...

"know where my heart lies."

What a great line. Even if love flies away and is lost and gone forever, we can still know that it's where it belongs. And be glad for that.

Be free, Barb. Take care.

Tori_Z said...

What a beautiful poem!

DeLi said...

so poignant...and beautiful!am glad i passed by here

karma lennon said...

Sad but beautiful...

Sandy said...

Beautiful poem. But these two lines make me think
"If you love something,
set it free...."
I can leave something that i love. i would very much want it to be by me every time. and if i love someone that much then that person would not be in a state where he feels himself caged, he will always feel free.

Lovely poem though

Uday said...

well it looks like a poets blog. i dont understand too much of poetry.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I get this.

HAR said...

Love the poem . First time visitor. Your poetry has inspired me.

eric1313 said...

And it still rings true--I hope you are free, free of the struggle, of the demons, of everything that held you prisoner.

And I hope work is good too. If you need a good maintenance man, give me a shout! Especially if a free unit is involved. I have five years experience, from grounds up to supervisor.

D. McFadden said...

good work, beatiful and deep. what able check out a few of mine.

Sandy said...

wow very nicely written

Rita said...

I like the line "know where my heart lies."
It is really heart touching.
How can i get more about this?


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