Monday, July 23, 2007


Past the dwindling twilight thread;
Flesh rose-tones and a hint of petculli
the only things that matter
are in very good hands,
or are covered by darkness
from the rest

Some find it easy to fly
by day, but some only sore
at night when the stars talk
about ancient stories still
lived out on the earth today;
Hydras and Dragons, the dogs run
Hunter and the Queen
impossibly meet because
at night they are alive,
above and below the stares

Nightbirds sing to bring the dawn back
We sing for the same reasons
Nightbirds fly seeking the safety of shadow
But we fly for the same reasons we sing,
shadows being only another layer
to shed, stories that peel away
cast on the floor,
like the anticipation of each new sunrise
an event foreshadowed
by so many love songs
heard whispered in the dark

Written by Eric Bachman


Bardouble29 said...

I love this one!!! I am a night person by nature and love to think of myself as a nightbird!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Oh wow, Eric. I have no words--I will return...

Sandy said...

Like every other poems this one too is marvelous. said...

speechless! this is so exquisite ... like a finely woven tapestry. i will read this again and again.

"...but some only sore
at night when the stars talk
about ancient stories still
lived out on the earth today;"

love that notion.

i am a nightbird, i think.

karma lennon said...

I am definitely a nightbird. I have so much trouble sleeping because I'm afraid I'll miss something, I think. Love the line about the Hunter and the Queen. The moon is magick. :)

eric313 said...

Thank you, everyone.

I to am a nightbird and have been since I was young. And there's a rare Jimi Hendrix song called Nightbird Flying that was inspirational.

That's OK, Enemy. Sometimes, there just are no words.

Thank you for your kind words.

Red Mantissa
That line was inspired by the constellations, and the ancient people who interpreted a story from the abstraction of their form.

Oh yes, the hunter (Orion) and the queen (Cassiopia), two of the archetypes in the sky. They deffinitely lend themselves to this poetry.

And the moon is indeed Magick. Look at last night's full moon. I wrote a couple poems under it's affecting light.