Monday, July 30, 2007

golden apple

his soul sings silently,
in gauzy and golden light
my heart impales itself
on this melody
my soul cleaves
to his lyrical luminescence

his great, flowing essence
quenches my thirst ~
this scorching yen
that scars
of successive past lives
have woven
into my very essence

he washes me
away from myself
leaving me bare,
somewhat macerated and bare
exposed ~
for all my frailties and wounds
... he sees ... he knows ...
he hears the whispers of the universe, too

that sacred light
of his core
flickers softly,
and with each flash,
he carves
another spark
into my weak, low-burning ember

in the glow of his mantle
his innocent generosity cascades
scented with divine wisdom
the beauty of him
touches that raw, pulsing
and forbidden corner of my heart
which eats fire

cherished ~
the grace of his movements ~
cherished ~
the gentle contemplation
of his speech
cherished ~
my golden apple

9 comments: said...


thanx for posting this. just a couple small changes:

second last stanza, last line:

please change that to which

(... which eats fire ...)

last line of the poem:

please make it italics

(... my golden apple ...)

thanx! :)

eric313 said...

You are so like me in your process.

I edit everything and am never satisfied--that's the secret to always getting better, so stay wrestleless and follow the wind. Trim the wordy little leaves, and grow the sweetest little banzai tree possible with every poem.

eric313 said...

"cherished ~
my golden apple"

Love, in physical, visceral, beautiful form--in your face and everywhere else.

On the page in verse, walking freely from horizon to horizon.
Great Poem, Red Mantissa. said...

i expressed, here, in this poem, love at the level of the soul ... with the sense that i have loved this soul in a past life. the love expressed here is not necessarily carnal ... it transcends the physical, in a sense. however, the reference to 'golden apple' denotes a waivering ... toward the (forbidden, in this case) physical.

thanx, eric. i love your eloquence. and yes, isn't writing poetry like trimming a bonsai? what a lovely analogy!


eric313 said...

Golden apples are the food of choice to many pagan gods, especially the Norse. Love and golden apples of forbidden knowledge... I'm just preaching to the choir, here, aren't !?
peace out

Bardouble29 said...

I made the requested changes for you my friend!

Sandy said...

Beautiful poem. that all i can say said...

eric ~ that forbidden golden apple ... so you understand, then ... ;^)

barb ~ many thanx!

sandy ~ i humbly thank you ... tho, the inspiration for this piece really holds far more beauty than these words ... really. (not necessarily carnal or physical beauty ... but a beauty which transcends that)

Rita said...

Amazing philosophical poetry. Your poem is really awesome.
Who you get all these thought?


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