Thursday, June 28, 2007


To many thoughts...

To many lonely night

To many hurts...

Alcohol loosens the tongue.

Words get spoken,

that would normally not.

Another heart hurt.

The words are an arrow.

The truth pierces.

Tears course down....

Seeking, searching...

Will I ever find...

the light I seek,

the soul to share....

Written by Barbara Osborn

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This rain, it’s always here,
Bulging dirty clouds,
spewing ashen drops,
A muddy volcano, erupting despair.
Where are you now?
Nature covers us, her filth; some call it grief.
Not me—sad fate that rains and rains and rains.
Even the angels cry; translucent tears can’t wash me away.
God, do you weep or laugh?
The joke is on me—he left me here.
Grubby rainwater covers the rainbow,
Leading to the other side—his home.
And you said I would be the first to go…

Written By Cruel Virgin

Thursday, June 21, 2007


You cage me.
Your words are the bars.
Your tears are the lock.

Let go.
Let me fly.
Free my soul.

I have tried the cage.
My soul doesn't belong.
The walls close in.

Can't breathe.
Can't laugh.
Can't move.

Give me back my Wings.

Written By Barbara Osborn

Under Tree Shade

...did clink
that back door
out toward the walnut treeshade
running to the tire swing
swung so low I filled heaven
in a mugfull of your soul
and drank until
the day came
to tulips in rain
till that swing swung
only to winter's breeze
blowing our summer to clouds
the storm and the years
dropped by like the hard fruit
of the tree that we owned
Like that, you were gone
the summer gone
house gone
the tire's gone
the tree's cut
and a lazy red new house
sits splayed for it's new owners
young drinkers of tulip rain
and honey
but no old tire
no swing shade
no summer with grace
no time, no trust or season
to let go of the door
to run
to let go weak reason

Written By Eric Bachman

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Changing Silence

The world is a beautiful place.
do document the changes
the patterns, moods
flavors and smells
the atmosphere
provided by

But it hurts
in the morning
if you would know

At least
the stars say this secret—
for she is silent as we speak

Written By Eric Bachman

Monday, June 18, 2007


I rid myself of his sturdy mouth,
So warm and salty,
Dripping down into my throat.
When I saw his eyes,
I saw dull rainbows,
Glistening with grey sand.
They speak so quietly as
he raised his lips again
to greet me.
I had to turn away.
No longer a mouth,
Just a chasm, gaping open,
Ready to swallow me whole
And steal all my dreams
Down into his belly
Where all his wild things go.

Written By Cruel Virgin

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Nothing but words
Falling from your mouth
Lying to me again and again
Telling me I'm beautiful and
I'll always be yours.

Nothing but words
Meaningless without emotion
Forming scars on my soul
Twisting my heart
Till I can't breathe anymore.

Nothing but words
Left in my head
Going round and round
Till I think I'll
Be dead.

Nothing but words
You left me with
Nothing but words.....

Written by Karmalennon